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Passaggi  is a onlus  association based in Italy with a decennial experience in the field of non formal, informal education, and culture.
Initiatives are addressed to any age, with particular focus for seniors and young adults, at local, national, European level. The target groups are youth, women, seniors, immigrants.
Passaggi’s supports the weakest component of society; it undertakes to inspire active ageing, sustain gender equality and fosters women’s social development. It cares about youth perspectives and migrants’ inclusion because it is convinced that the making of the future society is founded on them. Passaggi is characterized by great human capital and a big development potential; it  has EU project experience and is well motivated in joining qualified and dynamic partners in order to design innovative proposals and tools, for the many and hard challenges occurring in our times.
Passaggi, in the framework of non formal and informal education delivers several courses training activities as well as intervention in social and cultural contests. The peculiar characteristic of the association is that it works in close connection with its trainees. They get and offer to the community a mutual sustain, most of the work is on volunteering base. Passaggi’s aim is to connect people, it is a starting point for many unemployed, under employed and NEET (not in education employment, training) persons. Many unformal activities, for soft skill achievement are organized: literacy education, motivational workshops with gender perspective, women and youth entrepreneurship, active citizenship, migrant inclusion.  Passaggi cares of sustainable development with the perspective of employability for young and women. Passaggi approaches the challenge of globalization proposing innovative and creative methodology through researches and adeguate tools.
Current educational offer includes the following: IT, languages, environmental and health education, arts (theatre, painting, dance) literacy education, literature; they all result interconnected and ready to fulfill the learning demand of young and adults.

 Activities include the following:

  •     organising and supporting courses, seminars, conferences, lectures, discussion panels and other cultural events.

  •     promoting publications, cooperating and exchanging information and idea among associations, institutions  whose purposes are consistent with those of the Association.

  •     promoting new approaches to structural problems.

  •    overcoming the limits  of localism, language barriers and other impairments. 

Location of Passaggi 
In the south Italy, on the East coast of Calabria, Trebisace is a rural setting, and fishing place. The environmental contest presents coastal and rural characteristics, mountains and agricultural contest crown the marine settings, since mountains are nearby (m 1000 altitude in a short distance). Local economy is poor with industries, deprived in social structures and rich with environmental and cultural heritage, tourism needs innovative development. 
Passaggi works locally in the field of volunteering organizations both as a single identity and as a partner in a wider network which includes organizations of senior and adult participants. 
It is running a project for Grundtvig partnership based on the memory of the past 60 year; this project is named: 1950’s coming back, where a number of senior people are involved, as trainers, trainees, exchanges and visits. It is also external partner with the Grundtvig partnership: Memories; In addition the managerement of association is responsible for international projects (Grundtvig and LdV) for networking organizations, both working in the field of senor learning and volunteering for disability, where most trainers and trainees are aged over 55. Exchange visits and workshops for these projects are being done.
  • A section is organized by  young  participants that work as volunteers. They are teachers, tainers  they work with seniors and deprived children in classes in a wide range of topics ,  included school support for pupils  (mainly immigrants), leisure  and inclusive activities.
  • A study section headed by the president Mrs. Caterina De Nardi is envolved in researches on linguitics,  literary education, e-learning and innovation in adult education.
  • Passaggi counts on the collaborative work of a number of writers, artsts, pedagogists, IT experts.

Volunteering Across Active Senior Awareness

This project aims at enhancing the participation of over 60s people from Trebisacce and Vaasa. Nine senior volunteers in all, from Passaggi, Italy, from Arbis, Finland will be involved. They will share their common spirit of solidarity for voluntary work, during three weeks each. Italian volunteers will be involved at Vasa Arbis: teaching in a course called “Casa Italiana, lessons in Italian language , culture/history and Italian cooking. “the right of public access” that exists only in the Nordic countries will be presented to the Italian volunteers. Senior at Trebisacce: activities,: ancient cultural heritage; practice at Broglio archaeological site, during the excavation campaign; Italian traditional cuisine, with wild herbs.
These experience will make possible LL, active aging, taking advantage of the best practice, improving volunteer opportunities and development, sharing European values and perspectives, socializing with volunteers, staff, the local communities.

Partners with different roles in the project will have the opportunity to use social networks and email contacts to get in touch, to prepare the work they will have to accomplish during the exchange visits, to disseminate products and results, to continue their relationship after the formal duration of the project.



Rita Levi-Montalcini 

Archive photo of  Rita Levi Montalcini in 2009

  at the age of 103, Rita Levi-Montalcini, the Italian Nobel prize-winning neurologist died on the 30rd  December 2012

She suffered the anti-semitic discrimination under fascism emigrated in the USA Rita Levi Montalcini rose to the top  of neurologic science. She had to overcome the gender diseguality and to win the respected of the world scientific and cultural community.

 In 1986 she shared the Nobel prize for medicine with biochemist Stanley Cohen for research carried out in the USA.

She was Senator for life in the Seanate of Italy and contributed to the cultural grouth of Italy.Rita levi Montalcini continued to work during her last days.




ADUQUA - Quality Assurance in Integration Training for Adult Immigrants

The aim of the ADUQUA network is to create a broad European framework for developing the quality standards of integration training for adult migrants. The quality of integration training is a topical issue, as migration is on the increase and integration training varies among countries. Thus, there is a growing need for common quality standards and criteria. Furthermore, the current economic situation in Europe makes it even more important to guarantee quality in integration training as well.

Through the ADUQUA network, the knowledge of those European countries that have wide experience of migration issues can be shared among the countries with little or no experience of managing integration programmes. Thus, the project will help promote the development of common standards and criteria.

To collect information on quality systems already in existence, a background investigation will be conducted, targeting the administration level as well as training organizations.  A report involving recommendations based on the investigation will be published as a collection of articles, including a checklist of recommendations for in-service teacher training in the field of integration. Thus, operators on all the different stages of the development and implementation of integration training will benefit:  teachers, training designers and managers in institutions, as well as local and regional authorities acquiring training, and national bodies such as ministries responsible for integration policies. This way also the students will benefit by receiving higher quality training.

The highest level of impact will be reached after the project, when an assessment can be made on how widely the network has been able to influence local and national operators and policy makers on development and monitoring the quality of integration training. The aim is that all partners will start one initiative in their organisation and country in order to promote this process.








Volunteering Across Active Senior Awareness

progetto di volontariato senior tra l'Italia e la Finlandia

Le associazioni  che lo realizzeranno sono


associazione che unisce
le persone 
oltre gli ostacoli e le diversità



8 e 9 Settembre, 2011
L'impegno delle associazioni
per lo sviluppo sostenibile
      EU        TR        IT




Il sito rinnovato

Da oggi potrete seguire le attività dell'associazione Passaggi su questo sito. Troverete informazioni utili per accedere alle tante opportunità che la Comunità Europea offre per la formazione, la...
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Passaggi partecipa al network Europeo

Passaggi partecipa al network Europeo Grundtvig  (ADUQUA) che coinvolge 12 mazioni, una grande rete al servizio della conoscenza, dell'integrazione e della multiculturalità. Il progetto, che...
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incontro del 20 Maggio
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Le recenti attività di Passaggi sono focalizzate nella preparazione di progetti Europei.
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Verso il nuovo meeting internazionale di Passaggi che  si terrà a Monaco il 22 al 25 novembre.

Un gruppo di attivi soci dell'associazione si stanno preparando per contribuire alla costruzione di un database, un sito web e tante altre attività, sulla vita sociale  e culturale degli anni 50. Si tratta di un progetto culturale che interpreta la storia del decennio 1950-1960 presso alcune nazioni europee, analizzando la vita dei cittadini, durante la guerra fredda. I partecipanti studieranno identità e differenze tra le varie nazioni partecipanti attraverso una lettura approfindita di fenomeni popolari, di eventi e fatti politici, della situazione sanitaria e del welfare, dell'arte, della curtura e della moda. In primavera, nell'ultima tappa che si terrà a Barcellona, saranno indagate le espressioni artistiche e culturali. Le nazioni partecipanti sono La Germania,  L'Inghilterra, La spagna, La Turchia e naturalmente l'Italia, rappresentata da Passaggi. 


una foto tratta dalla raccolta dell'evento del progetto "1950's coming back" , un progetto Grundtvig, la pettinatura  alla graziosa Sissi, in stile anni 50,è stata creata e realizzata dal maestro Lino Rizzo, parrucchiere in Trebisacce


Passaggi promuove i giovani talenti, iscriviti a Passaggi, potrai realizzare i tuoi!

Vuoi prendere parte ad un workshop internazionale per far conoscere il tuo talento, confrontarti, con altri giovani dell'Europa?

Passaggi te ne offre la possibilità.

c o n t a t t a c i !!!


Passaggi organizza  con il patrocinio della Provincia di Cosenza
incontri suoni e colori dal mondo

"Ti racconto una fiaba del mio Paese"

 Giovedì, 29 Marzo 2012

presso il Centro Sociale M.Scaglioso

via E. Torricelli, 10


1950's coming back

Laboratorio di educazione ambientale

definitivo.jpg (276,1 kB)

Continuimo con la nostra opera di educazione ambientale..

Partecipiamo alle giornate di "Puliamo il Mondo" 

In Ottobre a Trebisacce 2 appuntamenti... intanto ecco il video 

"puliamo il mondo...iniziamo noi"



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Civil Society Dialogue II
Environmental Education as a multidisciplinary learning

Workshop 8th-9th September 2011
Trebisacce – Italy

Passaggi and  Adana Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Çevre Tüketici Koruma ve Kültür Derneği

 Buone vacanze estive
E M E R G E N Z A 
purtroppo l'estate è funestata da violenti e frequenti incendi.



I cittadini pongono domande per una corretta raccolta differenziata


1950s coming back

Progetto finanziato della comunità Europea.

Questo progetto mette in contatto partners dall' Italia (Passaggi),
Regno Unito, Germania, Spagna Turchia, nella prospettiva di indagare

e far conoscere le culture dei paesi partner





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































LLP - Grundtvig partnership 2011-2013
1950s coming back

Progetto finanziato della comunità Europea.

Questo progetto mette in contatto partners dall' Italia (Passaggi), Regno Unito, Germania, Spagna Turchia, nella prospettiva di indagare
e far conoscere le culture dei paesi partner, negli anno '50...

Passaggi partecipa al network Europeo
2011-07-22 23:41

Passaggi partecipa al network Europeo Grundtvig  (ADUQUA)
che coinvolge 12 nazioni, una grande rete al servizio della conoscenza,dell'integrazione e della multiculturalità.
Il progetto, che avrà durata triennale, prevede di creare una vasta rete per sviluppare standard qualitativi...





Passaggi si occupa di formazione, 

di integrazione sociale,

di cultura,

per tutte le età.


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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development, Environment and Consumer Protection, related Cultural ActivitiesSustainable Development, Environment and Consumer Protection, related Cultural Activities. Un piccolo progetto tra l'organizzazione Adana Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Çevre Tüketici Koruma ve Kültür Derneği  e...
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1950s coming back

Passaggi, nei prossimi due anni, si occuperà anche del passato. Un progetto di storia e di costume che ripercorre il decennio 1950/1960, sotto vari aspetti. Insieme ad organizzazioni ed istituzioni di altre altre nazioni. Il progetto cercherà di trovare le identità e le diversità che fannno...
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ADUQUA: Quality Assurance of Integration Training for Adult Migrants

Passaggi partecipa al network Europeo Grundtvig  (ADUQUA) che coinvolge 12 mazioni, una grande rete al servizio della conoscenza, dell'integrazione e della multiculturalità. Il progetto, che havrà durata triennale, prevede di creare una vasta rete per sviluppare standard qualitativi...
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They are young people who work for youngsters in a vulnerable situation. They believe in their work so they spend their time, and that also means their free time, to work for them, for all of us and for the society. Social workers have also problems, because they are humans, but they forget...
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passaggi sulla stampa

Nessuno ha il coraggio di disturbarli

Lunedì 27 Giugno .ore 18.30 sede dell’ UNITRE Centro sociale “Mariangela Scaglioso” Trebisacce Presentazione del romanzo: Nessuno ha il coraggio di disturbarli di Elena Curatelo
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L’associazione Passaggi

L’associazione Passaggi è nata per raccogliere e mettere in moto energie e modalità condivise tali da contribuire a sviluppare le risorse presenti sul territorio, sollecitando la partecipazione dei cittadini, nell’interesse delle persone più  vulnerabili della società contemporanea. Punto di...
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Studio e ricerca

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Denominazione Passaggi onlus Forma giuridica associazione onlus Presidente De Nardi Caterina Sede legale Via Virgilio, 29 Trebisacce (CS) Sede...
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Premiazione  e mostra 
delle opere selezionate


Avviso per i soci, il 25 Marzo ore 19.00 assemblea preparatoria 

Lunedì 30 Marzo ore 18.00 assemblea generale


Il 29 DICEMBRE 2014 ore 17.00 - incontro operativo del gruppo di progetto

Dal 26 al 29 novembre 2014 a Siviglia, Spagna è stato tenuto il primo incontro transnazionale del progetto: “Imprenditorialità giovanile, condividere creatività e iniziative sociali”. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND YOUTH: SHARING CREATIVITY AND SOCIAL INITIATIVES Key Action 2. Transnational youth initiative.



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Incontro con gli Alberi Concorso fotografico
and youth: 
Sharing creativity 
and social initiatives


06 NOVEMBER 2014


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